Before & After: An Overhaul for a West Coast Curbside Garden

Last week, I received an email from Jerry Galanti, complete with a back story and lots of great photos of this curbside garden overhaul. The project took place thanks to a fairly unique situation, and I’m pretty excited to show it to you guys.

before, jerry galanti design, fence, sidewalk, curb appeal
Unfortunately, the Camphor tree has outgrown its home.

As you can see in the before photo, the roots of this Camphor tree have been slowly pushing the sidewalk up into an interestingly (and dangerous) shaped terrain, and eventually, it got a bit out of control– so out of control that the homeowners couldn’t even get into their driveway anymore!

This, of course, meant that cutting down the tree was inevitable, but I think you’ll like the end result a lot more than the wonky roots. Unless you’re a kid…then your eyes probably lit up at the idea of that sweet bike jump.

new fence for a curb side garden
Better – I mean, it’s level… but still boring.

And so, the tree was taken down, and things were smoothed out. Once the sidewalk mayhem was remedied, it was time to take things to the next level. Sure, the front curbside area already looked way better than it did before, but Jerry had a few ideas to update the look of the homeowner’s front yard.

horizontal fence and curb garden makeover
The new horizontal fence has more design appeal, and the setback allows for more plants to be outside of the fence – making a much better sidewalk experience.

He decided to move the fence line towards the yard just a bit to make room for some new plantings as well as implement a new fence design. The idea was to update the look and soften the overall appearance, and I personally think it turned out beautifully. I really like the horizontal slats and how the height of the fence is varied.

Definitely a job well done- thanks so much for sharing, Jerry! It looks great.


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If you have a before and after project you’d like to share with the PITH + VIGOR community, please send us your photos and tell us about it!

Images by: Jerry Galanti

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  1. Debbie Feely says:

    I love this one! The fence is not only more purposeful, but artsy. It’s not saying keep out, now.

  2. catherine says:

    Great to see a homeowner wanting to create some garden for passers by too, instead of just a blank front fence. I like the way the gate is integrated into the fence too. Nice job.

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