Front yard Landscape Makeover – Megan’s Builder’s Lot

Yesterday, I received an email from a woman named Megan Cain saying that she saw that I’m in search of more Before and after photos, and she had an impressive front yard landscape makeover to share. She also said that she recognized my name and realized that she had one of my block-printed key racks hanging on her wall, which I used to make and sell on Etsy. Crazy!

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Anyway, Megan and her husband bought a home on a builder’s lot in the fall of 2006, and as you can imagine, the lot wasn’t much more than a crunchy swath of compact dirt (presumably the worst kind that only builders seem to be able to install).

Thankfully, with lots of hard work and dedication, the yard is looking a hundred times better now. This is a shot of the backyard to give you an idea of what the lot looked like when they started.


So, the photo above isn’t necessarily a “true” before photo, but it’s more of an “in progress” shot. This was the start of their soon-to-be lush and fragrant front yard. It eventually transformed into a beautiful garden oasis:


Ah…doesn’t that feel nice?

I love the new tree that flanks the corner of the front porch; the color is stunning! And the rest of the garden is so rich and vibrant- it really has me yearning for spring. I feel pretty good about being able to make it this far into the winter before cabin fever got the best of me, but I think it’s time for some nicer weather.

Anyway, Megan is the woman behind The Creative Vegetable Gardener and loves to help people when it comes to their own gardens, especially vegetable gardens. She offers classes and has published a digital workbook called Lay the Groundwork.

In her email, she noted that she and her husband have sold this house, and I’m curious to see what they come up with next! Thanks so much for sharing, Megan! –erin

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If you have a great Before & After that you’d like to share with the PITH + VIGOR readers, send us an email and a few photos!

Images from: Megan Cain

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  1. Jen says:

    That looks *marvellous*! I’ll definitely check out her blog.

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