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September 2, 2017

What ever happened to the blogger’s blog roll?  Let’s bring it back!  Here is mine:

A Pair & A Spare – Geneva, who is Australian, but lives in Tokyo runs this site full of travel advice, business advice (for bloggers) as well as style inspiration.

Austin Kleon – I love Austin’s books and his website is a regular dose of his inspiring words for writers and creatives. Austin, lives in Austin (sort of weird, right? – though not as weird as being named Losangeles, and living in LA – but I don’t know anyone like that). He calls himself a writer who draws. I would not know how to live happily as a creative, if not for people like him.

Ideas for travel journalling by a par and spare



Becoming Minimalist – I used to be a maximalist. But then I realized it was driving me crazy. So I need Joshua’s help and insight on a regular basis.

Cup of Jo – My cool mom-friend in NYC. I mean, if I lived in NYC, and actually knew Joanna, I know we would hang out and be mom-friends.  For now though, I just read the blog.

Decor8 – My first blog crush, and still a favorite many, many, years later.  Holly is a gem and her classes inspire me regularly.

Design for Mankind – Erin is that blogger who seems to have all the right things figured out and doesn’t worry about all the wrong things, the stressful things, or the ugly things. I aspire to (what I imagine is) her serenity and total chic-ness.

Design Mom – My second blog crush and a total inspiration. I have no idea how Gabby is mother to so kids. The thought of that many pregnancies would be my undoing.  And yet she remains capable of writing a great design blog (Ah-mazing!).  I’ve moved past a lot of the little kid stuff that I initially loved years ago, but there is still plenty to enjoy about this site as mom of teens, or even a non-mom.

how to read more from Austin Kleon

Dishing up the Dirt – A beautiful blog about growing and eating good food.  Andrea was a farmer here in MA, but now she has a place in Oregon. She also has a new cookbook.

Dooce – Heather has been making me snort my coffee for longer than I can remember.  The original mommy blogger – she is brave and interesting and funny and isn’t one of those mommy bloggers – which is why I like her.

Eat This Poem – Are you a writer or an aspiring writer? If so, I am guessing you will love the encouragement and kindness of this supportive community.

Flow Magazine – Not really a blog in the truest sense, but lets pretend, so that I can list it here.  There is a whole editorial team behind this site, creating content for women who like sites that feature creativity and that introduce us to quirky people, ideas and things.

Garance Dore (now Atelier Dore) – Garance is a chic French woman who shares her life and fashion inspiration.  Lately she seems to be taking some twists and turns, as we all do.  Reading her site (there are other writers here too) lets me pretend I’m all fashionista and down with the fashion industry.  Reading Garance’s personal posts are the best – she is funny, thoughtful, and honest and she has the coolest illustration style.

Green Kitchen Stories – Great recipes and beautiful food photography. Even if I don’t cook something from the site, I like just clicking through to the maing site page to see what images are currently gracing making up the cover collage.

Growing With Plants – My friend Matt knows an absurd amount of stuff about plants. I do not advise trying to keep up. He is an artist and a maximalist at heart. I enjoy reading his site to know that I am not the only one who is constantly following my curiousity in crazy new directions.

Design for mankind quote

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook – Hank is like blogger version of my Colorado/Montana family. They are resourceful hunter, gatherer, gardener types who think nothing of spending days canning, fishing, or concocting some interesting thing from the land.  It it sometimes totally OTT, but I love it.

The Jealous Curator – Danielle inspires me to no end. Mostly it is her podcast (Art for Your Ear) that I obsess over.  It is what you will typically find on my playlist as I hike in the woods with my dog – but the blog is a pretty great companion for seeing the art created by all the interesting creative people she talks to.

The Jungalow – I’m naturally migrating towards a minimalist sensibility as I get older – but when I need a hit of maxed out plant-filled, joyful, colorful desgn (which is often), Justina at the Jungalow never lets me down.

Local Milk – I want to take moody pictures and write soulful words just like Beth – she is very good inspiration for these goals.

Mark Manson – I pay for the upgrade to read all his work – it is totally worth the few bucks.

Messy Nessy Chic – This site is a never ending cabinet of curiosities. I am in awe of it and Nessy’s ability to keep it constantly stocked.  I’m also starting to see a trend here with the Paris-based bloggers…

Nordic Design – Catherine in Montreal fills this site with inspiration that I try and recreate in my life and home. I just painted my house black, and I love it. I’m a wannabe Scandinavian.

nicole gulotta eat this poem

Paradis Express – Delphine blogs about garden art and design from outside of Paris and she always finds the most inspiring and beautiful things. She hardly ever mentions it, but her garden (designed by her partner Lucien) is extraordinary. I don’t read a lot of garden-y blogs, this is one of the few exceptions.

Pret a Voyager – I discovered Anne back when she write for Design Sponge and have followed her adventures of moving to Paris and making a life there ever since. If you (like me) are interested in making maps, she also teaches a cool and inexpensive online class.

Roads and Kingdoms – Aspiring travel bloggers can look here to see what the best travel writers are doing. Bourdain (Parts Unknown), Cara Parks (formerly of Modern Farmer) and a whole cast of cool kids are here making great stories.

Rookie – This site is not made for me, and I know it. But I might like (ok love) it more than my teen daughter. It’s what I wish Seventeen Magazine was like when I was thirteen.  And now that I have a teen, it helps me relate. Tavi Gevinson is a genius.

Sandra Beijer – As I made this list, I realized I have an oddly high number of Swedish sites. I wonder if I did one of those ancestry things if I’d find I’m less German and more Swedish than I know.  Sandra’s site will require google translate – and even then some things might sound a little weird, but it’s still a great read.

SFgirlbybay– SFGirlByBay is kind the best of curatorial design blogs. It is charming, consistent, and it hasn’t changed a million times (like the rest of us blogger seem to)and it feels like listening to a well loved album.

Swiss Miss – It took listening to this talk, before I realized how awesome (and like me) Tina and Swiss Miss and all her other related sites are. Not flashy (with the exclusion of Tattly), but full of heart.  She’s also the founder of Creative Mornings.

Why girls compete by tavi gevinson

The House That Lars Built – Brittany is so creative. she gets up to all sorts of inspiring projects that I don’t have an ounce of interest in trying myself. But there are a few and her boundless energy somehow travels through the internet and fuels me.

The Planthunter – Georgina curates and writes this excellent site from Australia. The themes are always thoughtful and clever, there is beautiful photography, and she always finds the best people, gardens and ideas to talk about.

Underbara Clara – Clara’s blog most certainly qualifies for making this list, but I am not sure I can tell you why I like it so much. You have to translate (from swedish) so it is often awkward to read, but it is so heartfelt and charming (the way personal blogs should be) that I can’t help but be attracted.

Vicki Archer – I feel like I am being seduced when I go here. There is endless chic-ness and frenchiness. It makes me want to ROAR as well as go spend some money finding new ways to rock myself.

Wit & Delight – This is a smart lifestyle blog created by Kate Arends. I can’t help but be drawn to her consistent and straightforward style.

Zen habits – “What if we made everything we do sacred?” -Honestly, I don’t know. Being Zen is Leo’s thing – it isn’t mine – but through this site, I’m learning.

So now that you have an idea of what I am into right now, do you have any sites to suggest?  As much as I have time, I’m constantly updating this list.  So share your favorites below and I’ll check them out and see if they resonate with me too. 

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  1. I’m at a loss for what to read these days so this blog list is perfect. I also found – I love her flower images and her writing.
    And thank you for the blog list – I can’t wait to get started reading. 🙂

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