Berrington Hall’s New Pavilion

September 5, 2017

If you live in England and are looking for something to do this weekend, I suggest a road trip to Berrington Hall.

There is a beautiful new pavilion in the garden that will entice anyone with a penchant for garden design or art. Or just a good place to shoot something cool, and pink, for your instagram.

It’s called the “Look! Look! Look! Pavilion” and it was created by Heather and Ivan Morrison. (Click through to their site if you’re interested in seeing some of their other inspiring installations).

Look! Look! Look! Pavilion by heather and ivan morison, photographed by Pauline Egge of Petite Passport.

If you aren’t in England, check out Petite Passport for something to do a little closer to where ever you are.
Pauline writes travel guides (I have enjoyed using them on my own travels). She will steer you towards an excellent collection of design destinations.

Also, I’ve just published a new thing for this site. It is a summation of all the blogs I read (we used to call it a “blog roll” in the olden days of blogging). I miss blog rolls and wish that trend would come make a comeback. I find it much harder to find new and inspiring things on-line without them. So in that spirit, I have published my own.

Petite Passport is on my list of ‘Blogs I Read’ and it is through Pauline’s site that I learned about this exhibition.

You can also read more about the exhibition at Urdesignmag.

image via Petite Passport.

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