Can You Make a Good Living Farming Other People’s Front Yards?

October 5, 2017

Can you make a living farming other people’s front yards?

Jim Kovaleski is a nomadic gardener and he proves the answer is yes. 

Yes, you can make a life and living farming and feeding your neighbors on land you don’t own.

Do I want to make my living farming other people’s front gardens?  

Not really – my own exhausts me. But I would enthusiastically support someone who wanted to use my land to create a market business. If you are in Central MA, and are interested, lets talk (I’ve got space, if you need it).

But further, I’d love to see an economical and a cultural revolution that allows more people to choose this sort of life and career.

When I think about why we aren’t there yet, my mind immediately starts reeling with the barriers to entry. The first thing that comes to mind is access to affordable healthcare and basic social safety net things that are currently mystifying us (Americans).

And then there is a need for local food systems to continue to evolve and be affordable. And the community compost program – yes, that would super helpful – if it were everywhere.

What else do we need to collectively work on to make this sort of utopia our reality?

This video is part of a great vlog series by Justin Rhodes called The Great American Farm Tour.

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