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How and where to get garden soil testing in every state

March 29, 2022

If you are looking for soil testing near me – this is the place. With only a few exceptions every US state has a university based extension program that operates a soil lab. These soil testing labs can used by both commercial growers and farmers and home gardeners. Most tests are very affordable (~$20 or less) and there are instructions for how to collect and package the samples on each website.

It is common for the service to also include fertilizer or other amendment recommendations based on the test results and the crop or plants you want to grow. These are typically customized by the state (for example, here in New England, there are special requests for those interested in growing blueberries – a popular crop in the region). Your extension may offer other regionally appropriate options.

Knowing what is going on in the other half of your garden is imperative to your garden design success. In this post – Soil Compost Mulch: Restore your soil (and feed your plants) – How to Mulch and Compost a climate change solution- I talk about how these are the first things to take note of and work with as your seek to improve your landscape and build a garden. It is a great place to start.

state by state soil testing guide

Soil testing in the Southeast United States

Alabama – Auburn University Soil Testing Laboratory

Arkansas – University of Arkansas Soil and Research Laboratory

Florida – University of Florida Cooperative Extension

Georgia – University of Georgia Cooperative Extension

Kentucky – The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Louisiana – Louisiana State University – Soil & Plant Analysis Lab

Mississippi – The Mississippi State University

North Carolina – North Carolina Department of Agriculture – Soil Services

South Carolina – Clemson University Cooperative Extension

Tennessee – University of Tennessee Soil, Plant, and Pest Center

Mid Atlantic State Soil Testing

Delaware – University of Delaware Soil Program

Maryland – University of Maryland Co-Op Ext Soil Testing Services

New Jersey– Rutgers University Cooperative Extension Office Soil Test Program

New York– Cornell University Cooperative Extension – Cornell is one of the leading horticulture and biosciences universities in the USA. Their website is a great place to stay on top of the most advanced science in the industry.

Pennsylvania – Penn State Soil Testing Services

Virginia – Virginia Tech Soil Lab

West Virginia – West Virginia University Soil Laboratory

New England Soils

Connecticut – University of Connecticut – Soil Testing Program 

Maine – The University of Maine – Cooperative Extension

Massachusetts – University of Massachusetts Soil Testing Program

New Hampshire – University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension – Like many regional soil testing programs, there are options to have your soil tested for specific crops that are typical to the region. In New Hampshire it’s Christmas trees, in Massachusetts, its blueberries – it will likely be something different where you live.

Vermont – University of Vermont Soil Testing

Rhode Island – University of Rhode Island Soil Program (Use the program at UMass)

Soils in Western States

Alaska – University Of Alaska Fairbanks Soil Labs

Arizona – University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

California – University of California Cooperative Extension (add your county to this search to narrow the list)

Colorado – Colorado State University

Hawaii – University of Hawaii at Mānoa

Idaho – University of Idaho – Soil Chemical and Physical Analyses

Montana – Montana State University Extension – Soil Information and Labs

Nevada – University of Nevada Reno – Environmental Soil Analysis Laboratory (this will forward you to nearby state labs)

New Mexico– New Mexico State University – Soil Labs

Oregon– Oregon State University Central Analytical Laboratory

Utah – Utah State University Soil Laboratory

Washington – Washington State University Soils and Soil Testing

Wyoming – University of Wyoming – Soil Laboratory

Central State Extension Services for Garden Soil Labs

Illinois- University of Illinois Extension – Soil Labs

Indiana- Purdue University Soil Sampling & Testing

Iowa – Iowa State University closed their lab in 2017 (visit this link for alternative labs in nearby states)

Kansas– Kansas State University Agronomy Soil Testing Lab

Michigan – Michigan State University

Minnesota – University of Minnesota – The Soil Laboratory

Missouri – University of Missouri Extension – Soil & Plant Diagnostic Services

Nebraska – University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Soil Information and Labs

North Dakota– North Dakota State University Soil Lab

Ohio – The Ohio State University – Soil Resources

Oklahoma – Oklahoma State University

South Dakota – South Dakota State University – Soil Labs

Texas – Texas Agrilife Extension Service Soil, Water, and Forage Testing Service

Wisconsin – University of Wisconsin Soil & Plant Analysis Laboratory

Updated September 2022
state-by state soil testing guide

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