Helenium are little-known garden heroes! The best sneezeweed varieties to grow

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Aniston, and Sandra Bullock. I started naming random actors whose names relay beauty and attraction. If you were to do the same exercise with plants, which might come to mind? Coneflowers, roses, hibiscus, hydrangeas, and magnolias. What about Helenium or sneezeweeds?

Maybe not the first plant to come to mind. Heleniums are like the Jude Law of the garden world. Almost all of you recognize the name. Some of you know exactly who he is while others of you think, “hmm, skinny British actor, right? I recognize the name but I can’t quite recognize the face.

Helenium is a wonderful perennial with bad PR.

But I am here to change that.

The origin of Helenium

The name Helenium is in honor of Helen of Troy, who in Greek mythology was Zeus’ daughter and the most beautiful woman in the world. Here is where the bad PR kicks in. How did a plant commemorating the most beautiful woman in the world become commonly known as “sneezeweed?”

I say we give it the new common name of Helen of Troy’s flower or Daughter of Zeus. Either is way better than sneezeweed and since common names are colloquial, we can name it whatever we want.

Now that we have the branding business out of the way, let us move on to why it is so great.


But why should you Grow Sneezeweed in your garden ?

Any plant that can flower on sturdy stems from 4-5 feet in height from mid to late summer until frost is definitely worthy of consideration in the garden. (a hero!)

Of the 40 or so species of Helenium, H. autumnale is the most common and garden worthy. This eastern US native begins to emerge from the ground each spring and continues to grow until it reaches its ultimate height in mid-summer.

The plants maintain a somewhat uniform height and habit which makes a wonderful impact as it flowers en masse.

The helenium flowers can make quite an impact as a large group with their shades of oranges, yellows, reds, and even multi-colored flowers.

Here at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, we grow the red and orange striped Helenium cultivar ‘Helbro’ or Mardi Gras, the orange flowered Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty,’ and the red with some yellow called ‘Red Jewel.’ They are just finishing their flowering now and we will begin cutting them back after our first frost.

Speaking of frost and cold, they are hardy to USDA zone 3 or 4 depending on your soils and location. Helenium autumnale cultivars grow best in full sun with a rich and well-drained soil. They need adequate moisture as they emerge and start to flower.

As for the common name of “sneezeweed,” it really is an unfortunate moniker. The name comes from when the leaves were at one time made into a snuff and inhaled through the nose to force sneezing. This was believed to eliminate sicknesses. It is an interesting historical tidbit – but now that we have modern medicine, it is time to drop the moniker of sneezeweed forever and go plant some in your garden.


The best Helenium for your Garden:

FWIW, Jude Law was nominated for two Academy Awards but there are at least 13 cultivars of Helenium autumnale that have been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

(It is comparable right?) Here are most of they award winners:

  • Helenium ‘Sahin’s Early Flowerer’
  • Helenium ‘Wesergold’
  • Helenium ‘Rubinzwerg’
  • Helenium ‘Karneol’
  • Helenium ‘Waltraut’
  • Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’
  • Helenium ‘Dunkle Pracht’
  • Helenium ‘Chelsey’
  • Helenium ‘Butterpat’
  • Helenium ‘Feuersiegel’
  • Helenium ‘Baudirektor Linne’
  • Helenium ‘Ring of Fire’
  • Helenium ‘Luc’

– Rodney

Images: William Cullina

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