Garden Travel to Le Riad Jasmine in Marrakech, Morocco

I’ve got to scratch an itch – my travel itch.  Today, Marrakech, Morocco, and the unique gardens of riads and oases are enticing. Tomorrow, it might be Sweden; it doesn’t matter where I just want to go. Lately, my town seems too small, and my whole world is just a little too familiar. My desperation for a little excitement and intrigue is going to get dangerous if I don’t let off a little steam…. at least in my daydreams – so let’s go explore the options of Garden travel to Morocco.

Moroccan Garden Travel

They say that much of the joy of travel is the anticipation and planning (a data point I am not sure I completely agree with).  But I do think writing a garden travel post, with some regularity, might help me apply a little illusory calamine to this itch.

Le Riad Jasmine pool marrakech morocco islamic pool garden
Starting off – let’s head to Marrakech, Morocco, to stay in Le Riad Yasmine (or is it Jasmine?).  

I discovered it via Victoria on Friday and have been obsessing over it all weekend.  

This hotel and its central courtyard are a beautiful example of Islamic-style gardens.  The pool garden is beautifully detailed and is the central focal point of the Riad surrounding it.  I’m not generally a pool lover, but I want to float in that water and look up at the African desert sky.   Le Riad Jasmine pool detail with cat marrakech morocco islamic pool garden

Le Riad Jasmine pool marrakech morocco

When I visit a place, I want very few things – and they are this:  a great hotel at a good price (not a chain and something that shares the unique hospitality, architecture, and charm of the place).  

And then I want to know where I can walk.

I want real regional food, and I want to explore what makes this place special and unique.  

Of course, that generally means hitting the major tourist sites – but it also means exploring the gardens, nature, and natural places and finding ways to step away from the typical tourist destinations.  So I think that this what this post should be about.  A great hotel.  And (for now) some of the great gardens and natural places to visit nearby.  Just enough to whet our palettes and keep us happily daydreaming until we can get there.

Le Riad Jasmine pool marrakech morocco islamic pool garden
Le Riad Jasmine pool marrakech morocco

Le Riad Jasmine

Check out the website to see all the affordable rooms and more images of the garden and roof terrace with views across the city.

Nearby Marrakech and Moroccan Gardens to Visit

Agdal Gardens

A UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built in the 112th century.  It covers 400 hectares and is located south of the Marrakechmedina.  The name derives from the Berber language for “walled meadow”. The gardens include groves of fruit trees, including orange, lemon, fig, apricot, pomegranate, and olive.

Menara Gardens

Located to the west of Marrakech, Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains, this Botanic Garden also was built in the 12th century and features Orchards and underground hydraulic systems that bring water from the mountains in the garden.

Majorelle Gardens

Majorelle is a twelve-acre garden and Islamic Art Museum that was designed by French Artist Jacques Majorelle.  It was more recently owned by fashion designers Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé, and the museum also includes items from Saint-Laurent’s personal textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and art collections.

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  1. Very beautiful & nice article !!! Thanks for posting……….

  2. Okay, we’re loving the find. You could imagine that staying there would certainly feel like you’ve immersed yourself in the Moroccan culture. They’ve chosen some great pictures to showcase their hotel, but I’m sure even they don’t so it justice. Their outdoor settings look particularly inviting!

  3. I’d planned to do something else with my small courtyard, but the tile and the colors of this divine space have a strong appeal. Brenda

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