Before & After: Susan’s Back Corner Bicycle Garden Makeover

before messy corner garden
Makeover – Susan from the bicycle garden turned a messy scrap heap in the back of her yard into a clever modern garden that is clean and inviting

I’m pretty sure we all have or have had that one corner in the backyard that seems to become a dumping ground for any and all extra materials.  Granted, this particular photo doesn’t really represent that concept to its fullest potential, but you know what I mean.

This area generally becomes an overgrown, gangly mess that you try to pretend not to see, but let’s face it– would it really be that difficult to spend a few hours here and there getting things in order?

This makeover (by Susan Tomlinson, garden maker, and bicycle enthusiast) of a messy back corner of the garden will help you see the potential lurking in your own plot.

corner garden, after, patio, stones, table, backyard
The new corrugated metal panels in front of the existing fence are a great way to make a small corner garden space feel fresher and cleaner – especially if you can’t repair the fence.

Clearly, it would not. Susan from The Bicycle Garden (a blog that no longer exists) spent some time working on her corner garden last summer after being inspired by a trip to Dallas, Texas.

She realized that she loved the desert cantina feel that she saw and used it to generate ideas for what she wanted to do in her own corner backyard. I’m really digging the way it turned out, and I love how she used corrugated metal. Flipping back and forth between the before and after, it truly does feel like something straight out of Texas. At least to this Wisconsin girl’s eyes, it does… -erin

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Photos by Susan Tomlinson who can now be found on Substack

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with your points Erin. And it takes more time to make all things in order. The garden is lovely. Nice pictures!

  2. Jen says:

    Very nicely done! Plus it really doesn’t look (famous last words) that complicated. What a great spot to relax with friends. And yes, the use of the corrugated metal is terrific!

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