Plant Society: The Garden Magazine for Those of Us Who Want Something More

March 23, 2024

Oh Matt Mattus where have you been all my life? I need more Plant Society Magazine!

Cover of plant society magazine's autumn/winter 2009 issue featuring a white flower and highlighting content on greenhouse plants, berries, cyclamen, and autumn narcissus.
Plant Society Issue 1 cover – It features stories on wild cyclamen, rare nerines and ideas for autumn Garden Displays.

Cover of "plant society" magazine featuring an article on ephemeral gardens and showcasing primula and other alpine plants.
Primulas, rare alpines, corydalis, and fumewarts are featured with other ephemeral plants in Issue #2 of Plant Society magazine.

Hmmm….well, it looks like Matt is just down the road (In Worcester, MA)**- we are literally neighbors!…go figure.  For all my lamenting about stuck-in-old-ways-new-englanders with their overused-rhododenron-loving-ways, you can color me surprised to find that the beautiful magazine ‘Plant Society’ is published almost literally in my own backyard.  Ok- I eat my words…and I encourage you to check out all four issues (here, here and here)  of this great little publication.

** This was originally written in 2010 – Matt and I (Rochelle) have gone on to become regular fixtures in each other’s garden and planty adventures… we might even have a podcast coming someday…. we will keep you posted.

Cover of "plant society" magazine, prototype issue, late summer 2009, featuring articles about chrysanthemum and crocosmia.
Matt’s prototype issue featured Jack in the pulpit on the cover and covered exhibitions chrysanthemums, nerines, and crocosmia stories.

Plant Society Magazine

Matt describes the idea behind Plant Society in his own words:

“It’s for folks who are seriously into plants, but who are finding main-stream gardening magazines too commercial and ordinary” 

-Matt Mattus

Are you a plant collector looking for more information? A rare plant enthusiast seeking depth? Maybe you just want to learn more about interesting and curious plants that are rarely covered in commercial magazines, where to buy them, and how to grow them.  This is for you.  

Cover of 'plant society' magazine featuring close-up photography of white blossoms, focusing on japanese winter plants.
The Japan issue (#5) delves into winter plants, ume plums, and Lachenalia.

Right now, Mag Cloud is offering a 25% discount on the magazine to Matt’s blog (Growing with Plants) readers and friends.

Just go to the Magcloud website here and enter coupon code: PLANTSOCIETY510.

Matt is the only person I know (besides myself) who has the nerve and chops just to start the magazine we wish existed. Respect.

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  1. Sprout says:

    I remember seeing Matt Mattus exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum years ago – had no idea he was a plant guy!

  2. Louise says:

    This guy is too cool! Worcester has taken on an aura a new livabiity now that i know he’s here. Wow- thanks for the post- a real find!

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