Dana’s Got a New Front Yard with Cool Concrete and Lime Green Details

front yard, makeover, before, after, green, ranch, walkway
The old front yard – before the addition of a new concrete walkway.

Last spring, I received an email from a reader named Dana of Catnip and Mint, who was in the process of creating a beautiful new landscape. You may remember the post….here’s a link to refresh your memory. Anyway, I opened my inbox last week to find another email from Dana, and this time, she’s been hard at work transforming the front yard. Take a look!

a ranch house has a new front garden with purple leaf trees and a concrete walkway.
Three new trees will help to shade the yard and the house and will aid in cooling costs.

She replaced the narrow, aging concrete sidewalk with a new one that’s about twice as wide.

A new gravel walkway leads to the backyard, and the front yard boasts four new ornamental plum trees along with some salvia, yarrow, sedum, and dymondia margaretae or Silver Carpet between the new cement pavers.

Mexican sage and penstemon fill the new beds at the edge of the house and two vibrant green chairs were added. Dana also mentioned that she’d like to replace the mulch with decomposed granite but that it wasn’t in the budget at the time.

two green chairs on the front porch of a cute house and garden
Yarrow peeks up in the foreground and is a great compliment to the new lime green garden chairs that look out onto the pretty front yard.

Here’s a great view that shows how fresh everything looks! Dana ordered the aluminum door online and said that she had intended on painting it once it arrived but decided that she liked the country-porch feel that it gave the house once it was installed, and I’d have to agree- some things just look better the old-fashioned way!

In Dana’s words:

One of my favorite things about the front of the house is actually the screen door– it is unpainted aluminum. When I ordered it, I thought I would paint it green like the front door (the front door is a bright acidic green) but the silvery finish is kind of blingy in a country-front-porch kind of way so i decided to roll with it.

Fantastic makeover, Dana! Thanks so much for sharing! -erin

If you’ve got a great landscape makeover you’d like to share, send us an email and tell us about it!

Images from: Dana/Catnip and Mint

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  1. graham brownstein says:

    awesome before and after shots! I love what she’s done! would like to see more photos of the backyard too!

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