Lattice Stix: Outdoor Trellis Art for your garden

Lattice is such a useful tool in garden design.  You can grow things on it, separate spaces with it, spruce up fences and gates, use it for to the top of an arbor or patio,  screen off unsightlies — it really is very useful — problem is, it can be very cheaply made, bland and unimaginative….unless you use Lattice Stix

I am completely in love with this very affordable product and have specified it on a couple of projects.   The company has created high-quality ( see half laps, mortises, and hardwood dowels to secure the 100+ parts in the screen) beautiful (see exposed decorative joinery, 1 1/2″ depth, sculptural quality) lattice that can be had in an abundance of styles or custom.  (see designs suitable for staid to modern; suitable for a glass box, a shingle bungalow, a ranch home, or a Chinese temple)

Love, Love, Love.

A collage showcasing various examples of decorative lattice patterns used in architecture and garden design.
If you are looking for the perfect trellises or a custom lattice for your garden, Lattice Stix offers a variety of styles and sizes for many types of projects. Fence Toppers, Privacy Screens, Art, gates, overhead shade solutions and to simply (and stylishly) support your plants. Use them to add flair to your outdoor space.

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