Tick help and Lyme Resources for Gardeners in New England

It’s a slow rainy Saturday here in New England.  Besides kicking off the farmers market this morning, I have spent the bulk of the day glued to the TV, watching the sad farewell to our well-loved Senator Kennedy. 

While I am the type of person who would watch this type of thing from beginning to end, just because, (I can be a considerable news and event junkie) I am even more cemented to the sofa than normal because I kinda feel terrible. It is about all I can muster today. 

If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember more than a month ago, I think, I mentioned that I thought I had Lyme again. Well, as it turned out then, the Dr. tried to convince me that it was Poison Ivy (on the back of my neck?) — so in disbelief I took the cream and moved on. 

But things have gotten worse and I, like so so many others, started to realize that I had been misdiagnosed (actually I thought it was Lyme all along but convincing the insurance quota concerned Dr. is another thing). 

So with a new visit to the Dr. I now have the diagnosis that I know was right a month ago. What I am not sure of now, is if this is a new case, or perhaps just a continuation of my first diagnosis from last fall.  More tests will hopefully give some insights.

Five ticks associated with Lyme resources, crawling on a white surface with visible fine strands of hair.
image by roddh

Anyway, so why am I bringing this all up?….well, primarily because I think it is something that really needs a bit of a spotlight…this blog is really about landscape design and related things.  Unfortunately, I find ticks and mosquitoes to be a huge part of my design practice.  It is not uncommon in New England that people are affected by these pests when making decisions about what to create or, more likely, NOT create in the gardens of our Northeast US environment.

Warning sign alerting about the high risk of lyme disease and advising to check for and remove ticks promptly, utilizing Lyme resources.
image by veender

As I sit here and watch the Kennedy eulogies and processions, I am inspired by the family that has done so much to help others. 

Lyme Resources

By mentioning my experiences with Lyme before, I have had numerous people contact me wanting advice that I don’t feel qualified to offer.  I am only another person with Lyme, and the parent of kids with Lyme – and simply no expert.  But, in an effort to help, I can offer some links and information and people that are worth knowing if you are affected by Lyme or seeking more information:

  • andrebakes is someone to follow on Twitter. She regularly posts about her own lyme fight and Lyme activism.
  • Under our Skin is a documentary about ticks and the spread of Lyme that is well worth viewing (or maybe you might want to sponsor a screening local to you).
  • If you are here in New England and affected by Lyme disease, it might be worth trying to see Sam Donta, a renowned Boston-based Dr. in the field. I know many people who have worked with him and he has been a tremendous help.
  • Additionally, here is an article about creating a tick-free zone in the landscape, and here is another.

This is really all I can offer, but if you too are dealing with this, I wish you the best and hope you are able to get the help you need.

More Tick and Lyme Disease Help:

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  1. Rochelle! Thanks for the link – I’m flattered that you want to know more about little old me! I didn’t know you were a mom; how on earth do you manage to do so much? Perhaps they get easier as they get older? (She says hopefully…). Truly, you are an inspiration. I shall try to complete the meme — but no promises! You may have noticed my blogging has been very light lately. Too busy!

    I’m sorry to hear that you have Lyme again. That’s terrible. I wish you a speedy recovery.


  2. Susan aka Miss R says:

    Delighted in your acceptance. It’s always fun to learn more than we know about people, places and things. If I have a regret it life, it’s that I once turned down a 2 year long design job (albeit fashion) in Japan. Should have gone…went across the other pond instead…

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