It’s Too Hot! An Utterly Exhaustive List of Outdoor Shower Ideas

The Heat!! The Heat!! — I melt just walking to the veg patch. I don’t yet have an outdoor shower, so the hose is my only welcome respite (and I’ll take it with a smile! Whew, it’s hot!)

I can’t get my work boots on because I (stupidly) walked barefoot across my asphalt driveway and burnt the bottoms so badly that I even have a blister. Two days later, after many Epsom salt baths, they still ache.

A woman in a white robe walks towards an elevated stone-built circular spa bath surrounded by greenery, where another woman relaxes; an exhaustive roundup of outdoor shower ideas enhances the serene ambiance.
The dreamiest of outdoor showers features a stone swirl surround, windows to the savannah and hardwood and concrete surfaces. Found at the Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa in at the Welgevonden Game Reserve in the Waterberg (Limpopo province, South Africa). image via engineeringandarchitecture
Exterior walkway next to a textured rock formation, perfect for outdoor shower ideas, with a stark white wall on the left equipped with a modern light fixture. The ground has sandy paving stones leading into
The Apollo_2 is a shower head made of cast brass, it is a great combo light and shower head solution for outdoor shower installations.​​​​​​​​ Designed for @antoniolupidesign. Image via briansironi.

I’ve been thinking about a better way to manage all the sorts of dirty but reusable beach towels that end up draped across our cars so they can dry out.  Perhaps a garden feature of sorts?  But the heat also has me thinking that an outdoor shower would be lovely.  It is a place where the kids can shower off the dirt or beach sand.  Where I can wash my dirty gardening self before going inside, and on a hot day, we can all cool down.

An outdoor shower surrounded by lush greenery with a geometric patterned mat on the ground and succulents decorating the wooden deck. Soft light filters through the branches, perfect for a cool-off.

Snake mosaic tiles create the floor of a shower surrounded by a privacy hedge.

African Hideaway Image by Lisa & Paul Dempsey

Outdoor Shower

Stepping stones over the water lead to a double outdoor shower at Maya resort – Image by Isabel

Outdoor shower with dual heads on a gray concrete wall, a wooden platform in front, and stepping stones across the water, nestled amid lush greenery.
Outdoor shower setup with decorative beige tiles featuring a cactus pattern, designed for those looking to cool off, a wooden floor, a hanging towel, and a potted plant by the side.
The cactus shower in the desert features breeze blocks and Strands x iNDiO saguaro tile in olive by @littlekorboose. design // @designbybrookside for @mcmgem, 📸 @shay.studios

I’ve collected over thirty (31 to be precise) images of beautiful outdoor showers for our inspiration.  Each has some great ideas to borrow and re-create in your own garden. 

A modern outdoor shower featuring terracotta tiles with a copper rainfall shower head, a hand-held shower, and built-in shelves. A decorative towel hangs on the side.
An earthy tile shower is lined with Breeze Blocks to provide privacy. Breeze blocks are a great wait to inexpensively enclose an outdoor area for a little bit of shower privacy. timneve

I wish mine were already in place. I think I will need it this weekend.I am finishing my cobblestone patio and starting to paint the house…and the heat is still on.  Are you working in the garden this weekend? What are you creating?

Little Kulala Outdoor Shower

Little Kulala Outdoor Shower

Seen at the Little Kulala lodge near Sossusvlei. image by Ryan G

The Bottle Bath

Broken tile combines with a stone wall and other glass elements (glass block and pretty blue Bottles) to make a colorful outdoor shower. The shelf and the bench are helpful additions. image by Kathy & Gene Walz.

Outdoor shower sigh blue glass bottles and stone
An outdoor shower head with water droplets falling, set against a blurred green and beige background, perfect for a cool-off.
Use a rain shower head and put it high to create the ultimate garden shower experience. image by Simon_sees
Outdoor shower setup featuring a large, freestanding metal bathtub against a modern black slatted wooden wall, surrounded by lush greenery and pebble ground, ideal for a cool-off.

A tub and an outdoor shower

Clean and inviting this setting encourages a more leisurely soak over a quick wash. image by megvandorn

Indoor Outdoor Bathroom

The shower is more like a waterfall (so refreshing!) But this might be a more visually effective design if there was more cohesion in materials choices. image by Suwatchai Praesomboon

A decorative outdoor shower with a unique textured wall adorned with leaf patterns, surrounded by lush green plants and stone tiles, perfect for a cool-off.
A man standing on an outdoor terrace, holding his head with both hands, facing a scenic city view. He wears blue swim shorts, indicative of preparing to cool-off, with patio furniture and greenery
If you need portability, an upside-down shower will do it for a quick rinse or refresh. The Viteo Shower
can be found at
Outdoor shower ideas with a strong stream of water cascading down, situated on a stone patio surrounded by lush greenery and a manicured lawn with a solitary sun chair in the background.

A full rinse over Brick.

This simple and elegant shower pole tucked between boxwood in a formal garden is clever – I’d hardly realize it was a shower until the water is turned on. image by megvandorn

A Rustic Metal and Wood Bathing Area.

Tucked into an outside corner of the building this shower is screened by the adjacent tree and made cozy by plants and vine on a trellis.

An outdoor shower surrounded by lush greenery with a wooden stool and hanging white towel provides an ideal spot to cool-off. The shower, with its metallic finish, is attached to a wooden wall, enhancing
A tranquil garden scene showcasing an outdoor shower idea, featuring a rusty metal shower head attached to a stone wall, with a cascade of green ivy and pink flowers in the background.
Remember that an outdoor shower – if used regularly – can create a microclimate where you may be able to grow plants that you may not be able to otherwise. (like mosses and ferns and crevice garden plants). image by troy mckaskle
A small, elegant wooden building with classic columns and a shingled roof, featuring outdoor shower ideas, surrounded by lush greenery and a stone pathway.

Shingles and pillars Shower.

A classic shed design houses a shower under the overhang of the building. image by BPC Architecture

Indoor outdoor bath design

Byron Bay Villa – image by Villa Getaways – has many luxurious details.

A tranquil outdoor space with a woman in a white dress walking on stepping stones features lush green plants, pebble ground, outdoor shower ideas, and water features. A serene, dimly lit ambiance prev
An outdoor shower with a red towel hanging on a wooden frame, a rustic door partially open, and garden flowers nearby, adjacent to a house with brown siding offers a great way to cool-off.
The simple, straightforward construction of a shower on the back of the house is accessible and easy to design for many homes. Note how the shower is on the outside wall of the indoor bath, making the plumbing easily accessible. image by climapod
A serene backyard corner featuring a wooden fence, a textured tree trunk, an outdoor shower with a suspended blue towel, and a shallow box filled with smooth grey stones beside green foliage.

River stone base shower.

Contain a natural river stone cobbled floor with a raised bed, and then tuck the whole thing behind a tree and along a finished fence. image by Christy Newman

Corrugated Metal Shower

A corrugated metal option is a lightweight and waterproof finish for any wall. mpembertondesign

An outdoor shower made of corrugated metal with a rustic wooden stool and a small black bag beside it, set in a garden setting with lush greenery, provides cool-off options in this exhaustive roundup
A serene outdoor shower area with white mosaic tiles next to a swimming pool, surrounded by lush greenery and two large planters with a tropical plant and a small tree, perfect for a cool-off.
This outdoor shower features a blue tile, which is a pretty accent to the blue-tile swimming pool. via homestoloveau. Photography: @tfadtomferguson @brigidarnottphotography. Styling: @anna_delprat
Outdoor shower area surrounded by white tile walls embellished with green tropical plants, offering a cool-off spot with a towel hanging on a steel hook, under a partly cloudy sky.
Modern use of subway tile makes this stone and white tile shower a good accompaniment for mid-century style home. via homestoloveau. Photography by @brigidarnottphotography and Styling: @fiona_gould_stylist
Outdoor shower with a white panel backdrop and wooden privacy fence, designed for those looking to cool off, featuring a suspended shower head surrounded by potted plants and a rustic wooden bench.

Created by Catherine @this_old_house52 in Brisbane, Australia. via.
by @casa_morgan.

Serene Modern bath in the garden.

Minimalist outdoor shower ideas and bath setup with cubic structures surrounded by olive trees in a serene, landscaped environment.
A woman enjoying a cool-off in an outdoor shower at a wooden cabin with a scenic mountain background under a clear blue sky.
Attach your outdoor shower to your indoor bathroom. This outdoor shower is only accessible from the indoor bath and is a feather of the solace cabins in South Africa. image by solace.cabins
A rustic stone and wood cabin with a dark metal door, surrounded by rocky terrain under a clear blue sky, featuring outdoor shower ideas with a wooden deck and stairs on the right.
image by solace.cabins
An outdoor shower surrounded by lush tropical plants, providing cool-off relief. This shower features a vintage-style overhead head and dark metal piping, alongside a white table and chair.
A fresh and white garden and shower area.tucked beneath the leaves of tropical Alocasia. Image and design by harrisonslandscaping.
An outdoor shower surrounded by lush, tropical plants for a cool-off, featuring a large rain shower head and wooden privacy walls.
Another tropically inspired and plant filled garden shower design by harrisonslandscaping.

An outdoor shower area next to a small pool, featuring a wall-mounted showerhead, plants in pots, and clean, minimalist design with grey and white tones. Ideal for a cool-off during hot days
The simplest of plumbing is all that is needed. Image and design by harrisonslandscaping.

A modern outdoor shower with wooden slatted walls and flooring, featuring a black overhead shower fixture, surrounded by lush green plants and pebbles. Explore our exhaustive roundup of more outdoor shower ideas.
This outdoor shower has a sauna feel with wood slats, black stone, and a bench. Image and design by mikepyledesign
A black cane shaped shower head hangs on a wooden wall with a decorative star pattern, near a sturdy wooden post with metal hooks and a residential background featuring trees and an outdoor shower.
Make your shower more interesting for little money (like tiles – but not for the cost of tile) with pretty stencils. image by royalstencils

Nearby to Boston and available for New England Gardners – look at capecodshowerkits for all the pieces to begin making your own more customized al fresco shower.

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  1. suz says:

    awesome roundup, and perfect timing for what i’m working on. thanks!

  2. ryan says:

    Nice collection of showers. There’s something quite wonderful about an outdoor shower. I have a shower under a trellis covered with Wisteria floribunda. It’s rather messy, but so nice when the wisteria is blooming, you feel like you are showering with flower petals.

  3. yvonne says:

    love outdoor showers…..summer is really here!

  4. Rob Bailes says:

    These would go brilliantly with a natural pool. If anyone offers this type of product I’d love to offer it on our site

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