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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.



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  • This and That: The Resurrection:  A Late Winter Cocktail
  • Black Plants: Bring Out the Light By Going Dark
  • Hacking Lightbox Photography
  • Invasive Alert! MAM Vine
  • People who Plant: A Rose Named Julia
  • Duck Duck Grow!
  • Let’s Discuss Matrix Planting Over a Glass of Wine
  • Modern Masters: A Chat with Frances Palmer
  • Curious And Quirky- Intriguing Edibles for 2016
  • Botanical Sexism & the Allergy Garden
  • Container Recipe: Bogolan- Inspired Beauty
  • Shinrin- Yoku
  • The Disruptors: David Milarch – The Man Who Planted Trees
  • Juicy Fruits – The Tastes Are Gonna Move You!
  • Salad For President
  • Plant Finder: Saw it here? Buy it there.
  • Calendar: What’s on?
  • Crossword: Gardener’s Shed





  • People Who Plant: Into Africa with Eddie DeJong
  • Planting Ideas: Goldilocks and the Just Right Plant –  Solving Common Plant Complaints with Joanne Neale
  • Modern Masters: Neil Best – Landscape Architect and Stone Builder
  • Backyard Biology: An Alternative Garden For Kids
  • Slow & Steady: Jumping into the Local Flower Scene
  • The Tao of Terrior (part 2)  – What Goes on Underground
  • Plant Finder: Saw it here? Buy it there.
  • Container Recipe: Kitchen Bonsai
  • Calendar: What’s on?
  • Growing Good Things – Fresh Ideas for Schools, Kids, and Youth Focused Gardens
  • Fascinating Flowers – Lisa Orgler
  • Hope in Bloom – Kids Creating Cards for A Cause
  • La Dolce Vite – A Refreshing Drink for a Lingering Summer with Joy Flanagan
  • A Harvest of Agricultural Art: Agri-tainment Goes Beyond Hayrides
  • Garden Tour: Sowing a Suburban Meadow with Claire Kettlekamp
  • Crossword: Dutch Treats
  • Thistle & Fig: E.H. Wilson & The Regal Lily




  • People Who Plant: Immigrant Gardeners – Building Bridges Towards Inclusion
  • Waste Not, Want – Garden Betty Linda Ly Shares Recipes for Using All Your Garden Bounty
  • Planting Ideas: Clematis, Queen of the Climbers by Joanne Neale
  • Modern Masters: Kerry Michaels – Landscape Photographer – Seeing Color in Black and White
  • Project Files: Driveway Drama
  • Making Music To Save Seeds – An Interview with Music+Art+Seeds Founders Patine Vazquez and Daniel Balter
  • PITT Moss – A Peat Moss Alternative
  • The Tao of Terrior – Expert Vioces of the Soils by Bernadette Giblin
  • Plant Finder: Saw it here? Buy it there.
  • Container Recipe: Stately Natural Rouge
  • Calendar: What’s on?
  • Growing Wasabi – A Garden Nerd’s Challenge
  • The Butterflies and the Bees – Illustrated by Paige Mulhern
  • Throw Open the Gates – By Steve Bustin
  • This and That:  Rosy Relief, Equisetum, and Topiary Tape
  • Garden Tour: On the Rocks
  • Crossword: Vegetable “Grow-ners”




  • People Who Plant: On Location at the Harvard Seed Library,
  • Seed Libraries: Community Seed Sharing Opportunities by Cindy Conner
  • Planting Ideas: Mulch-less Gardening by Joanne Neale
  • Modern Masters: Cliff Hakim – Creative Re-purposer
  • WWOOFing on the Lost Coast by Hilah Connelly
  • Cake Flowers – Learning to Use Garden Fresh Blooms Like the Pros with Abby Larson
  • Not Your Mothers Roses: Identifying Sustainable Easy-Care Roses with Peter Kukielski by Pat Leuchtman
  • Great Northern Potatoes illustrated by Samantha Dion Baker
  • Plant Finder: Saw it here? Buy it there.
  • Bee-Friendly Flowering Plants of New England – A Month by Month Guide
  • Container Recipe: A Miniature Kokedama Pile
  • Calendar: What’s on?
  • Meadow Making 101 – A Plan for Rewilding the Lawn
  • You Are Not A Plantsman by Rodney Eason
  • A Visit to Richter’s Herbs as observed by Jason Logan
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:  Seed Starting and Kokedama Balls
  • Garden Tour: A Rock Garden Lounge
  • Crossword: Hibernal Show-offs – Naturally
  • Thistle & Fig by Alice Marten Krieg and Carmen Devito – Illustrated by Gideon Kendall




  • Field Notes: Fresh Pickings from New England Coastal Farmland by Roanne Robbins
  • People Who Plant: On Location in America’s Oldest Victory Garden
  • Planting Ideas: Matchmaking with Fall Bulbs by Joanne Neale
  • Modern Masters: A chat with Ken Marten – Terrarium Artist
  • Making a Mushroom Garden: Learning to Design a Glorified Forest
  • Plant Finder: Saw it here? Buy it there.
  • We Grow Them to Show Them: The 101 of Giant Pumpkins
  • Container Recipe: Wild Indian Summer
  • Calendar: What’s on?
  • Trends On Trial: Succulents and Green Walls
  • Teas & Tisanes: Growing and Harvesting Camellia Sinensis and Other Steepables
  • “Bees?” “Bees.” “…BEES?” “Yes, Bees” by Amanda Rotondo
  • A Wormtown Pant Haven – Tour Guide: Matt Mattus
  • Reduce Reuse Recycle: Papercraft
  • Crossword : Flower Phraseology


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