Beautiful Bocce Court

February 14, 2009

I wanted to make a quick post about an article I read some time ago in This Old House Magazine.  It is available online and it is one of the best articles I have seen about creating a great outdoor play area that is appropriate for all ages.  The design is excellent but the article also (helpfully) goes into great detail about the construction.

From the Article:

Working from a design by landscape architect Elliott Brundage, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook took one backyard, overgrown with bittersweet and poison ivy, and turned it into a sports lovers’ heaven, squeezing in a croquet lawn, a horseshoe pit, and a bocce court.

If you are planning anything like this, it is worth checking into.

Bocce court in the garden design by elliott brundage this old house magazine

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  1. Nice looking bocce ball court.
    The green top dressing looks a little out of the norm though.
    Traditionally we use oyster shell powder and crushed oyster shell as a top coat and finish coat which leaves the playing surface smooth ( no ball tracks ) and white.

    I like this author’s idea about using Trex type recycled wood as the interior back bounce surface.
    I’ve been using redwood for years and after about 10- 15 years or so of heavy use it needs to be repaired due to all the dings and subsequent cracks.

    Thanks for the link to the article.

  2. MsB says:

    Great Looking bocce court. On the east coast we normally use stone dust. Oyster shells are not readily available.

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