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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.






Daily Garden 039 – Jeffery Gordon Smith

I am so excited to share this daily garden with you because it is everything that I think residential garden design should be but generally isn’t.   Let me list for you the best things about it.

1) That is a grass driveway…and it is not all rectangular and obtrusive- a visual postage stamp on the ground in front of a home, but it is exciting and interesting and green and dynamic.

2) The front garden is as inviting as the back garden.  This isn’t about foundation plantings this is about living in your outdoor areas.   Why can’t front gardens be places to greet guests and hangout in?  Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk around your neighborhood and encounter your neighbors …giving you more reason to walk around your neighborhood.  I think  front gardens should be stopping places for walkers.

jeffery gordon smith garden design grass driveway spa water feature glass firepit

3) I love a spa that isn’t a big square plastic box, but rather a beautiful water element that ads to the beauty of the space.

4) This garden is lush and beautiful but not a water hog like a lawn would be.  Rather it combines paving and plant materials that makes sense for the climate that it is in.

5) This garden is a work of art…stepping outside of the space and looking down from above…it echos a Mondrian painting.  The Blue glass fire-pit is striking and perfect.

I am so proud and happy to know that there are designers out their like Jeffery Gordon Smith who are creating landscapes for homes that are what I hope will be the blueprint for, and the basis of a future of more enlightened garden and landscape design for our homes.

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  1. stacystyle says:

    I love the Jeffrey Gordon Smith garden. I was thinking that there were overtones of the Martha’s Vineyard landscape there, but was sad to find I was California dreaming. I’m sure something like this could be created in New England though. Wish it were my yard!

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