Before & After: Heather’s Perennial Front Yard Makeover

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I spent a pretty good heap of time out in the yard today, and I’m actually feeling quite good about how far I got [not the usual case…]. While I was removing a never-ending sea of river rocks, I remembered that today is Before and After day on PITH + VIGOR, and I started to think about how much easier it will be to find content now that everybody can finally be out in their yard again!

Gah, it’s about time. Anyway, this particular transformation of a front yard full of perennials has taken place over the last two years, and it’s come a long way!

Heather from Just a Girl with a Hammer is always up to something, and I was pretty amped to see that she took a new photo of her front yard progress last week.


But before I show off her new yard, I just wanted to point out that this is what it looked like last year…notice the awesome new exterior paint colors…they’re pretty great. In addition to painting, Heather ripped out all the grass in her front yard and replaced it with perennials. And as of a few days ago, it looks like this:

after, exterior, landscape, curb appeal

Such a huge difference, yeah? She mentioned that she would probably end up moving some of this later in the year because she’s worried about there being too many plants, but I think, for now, it looks pretty great. I can’t wait to see her update a year from now…it’s always so much fun to watch yards transform! -erin

If you have a great garden-related makeover project that you would like to share with PITH + VIGOR readers, please send us pictures and tell us about it.

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Images by Heather of Just a Girl with a Hammer.

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  1. I love your serial photos that show the changes over time. Thank you so much.

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