Fancy Garden Tools from Alice Supply Company

July 10, 2009

My obsession with ‘Paul Smith’-like stripes is going on 6+ years now…as I have loved them from the first moment I set eyes on them, it has been interesting to see the ‘stripes’ filter their way through the design world and be copied, re-interpreted and spread all around. Seems the time line from high fashion, in this case, to garden and household implements (in the most utilitarian of form) is at least 6 years. That seems interestingly long….don’t you think?
alice supply company pertty garden hoses buckets and toolboxes household equipment
Cute hoses, decorative tool boxes and interesting buckets are what you find at Alice Supply Company (among other high style household tools). Not too much of a premium cost wise, so I think it’s perhaps worthwhile, particularly if I had a small town garden where my watering hose might really be part of the whole scheme – it might be fun to coordinate.

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  1. michelle d. says:

    The prices that Alice asks is definitely a premium in my neck of the woods, (San Francisco.)
    The same basic tool box , which only comes in red , from my local houseware store is $ 29.oo vs. the 58.oo that Alice is asking.
    And they included a small array of screw drivers in the set.

    hit or miss…. this is a miss for me.

    • rochelle says:

      michelle— that is quite a price difference!….I was comparing the hoses….which are maybe only a few dollars more than the regular green or grey ones at ace hardware around here.

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