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Garden Destination: The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Vail, Colorado

gate at betty ford alpine garden

Have you ever seen the movie City Slickers?  One of my favorite movie lines is at the end where they come back from their big adventure and Billy Crystal points to the smile on his face (when greeting his wife at the airport) and says “Hey, look what I found!” and his wife asks where he found that.  And then he says “Colorado! Isn’t it always in the last place you look?”

I know I am being all hometown sentimental, but Of course Colorado!!


betty ford Alpine garden by vail valley strings

Betty ford Alpine Garden Bridge in Colorado Betty ford Alpine Garden Bridge in Colorado

The Betty Ford Alpine Garden is in Vail, Colorado. It is the world’s highest botanical garden at an elevation of 8,250 ft.  It is a beautiful place and I am looking forward to making a stop myself as we travel the region on our camping/ glamping tip.

Betty Ford is perhaps better known for many other worthy contributions that she has made to our society but this garden is certainly the prettiest.

Gardens To see in Colorado - Highest botanical garden in the world - The Betty Ford Garden. Eryngium"

I love this quote from her:

“When I was a little girl, I spent many cherished hours with my mother in her garden, She wisely marked off an area for my very own plants. As we worked together, she nurtured me as she nurtured my love of gardening. This nurturing mother-daughter relationship, with its love growing strong in a garden, has been passed along to my daughter, Susan, and her two girls.”

That was passed to me in much that same way as I hope I pass it to my children.

If you are interested in alpine and high altitude plants, this is a great resource, otherwise, make a visit just to enjoy a unique and beautiful Colorado garden and some spectacular scenery.

images: all postersVail Valley Strings, summit county voice,  and betty ford alpine garden, David Blackley.

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