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Before & After: Christopher & Rachel’s Amazing Backyard Makeover

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This week’s Before & After is another “small yard, huge impact” deal, which is always something I love. Christopher and Rachel moved into their house in 2003 and knew they had to do something…anything…with the landscape encompassing their home– the problem was that they were low on cash and big on ideas, so the entire transformation ended up taking quite awhile. Like most projects, in the end it was totally worth the wait….definitely makes me feel better about my own eyesore of a front yard. Sorry, neighbors….this is the year, I promise. Anyway, back to their awesome transformation.


stones, after, landscape, yard, backyard, hardscape

So you might find smiling when you look at their new backyard and think “Oh hey! They did a great job!” And while they certainly did do a great job, it didn’t end up feeling quite the way they had hoped. Rachel wasn’t feeling the grassy runway thing and their dogs definitely didn’t give much thought as to what they did where, so needless to say, the awesome redesign ended up being not so awesome. So they tried again. And again….and quite possibly again…

pergola, landscape, yard, update, enhance, after, patio, shade, hang out

They finally [finally!] arrived at this beauty after a few attempts at their other ideas. Woah. Seriously…woah. They really changed things up this time! The rigid, straight lines were swapped for flowing curves and they totally ditched the grass. A flagstone patio was added beneath a beautiful, newly built pergola, and the wooden fence was stained a darker color. A lovely sage green found itself on the exterior siding along with about 10 other changes. They did a really great job with this new space as well as with the rest of their yard. Seriously great…I’d love to live here. Nice work, Rachel and Christopher! -erin

Images from Rachel at Odds, Ends & Evens.

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  1. I am glad they didn’t stop at stage one. The final result has a great feel to it. It is not a huge space but does provide several functions for them.

  2. I’m really inspired with this article. I like people who could do really good makeovers without spending so much. It just needs creativity and hard work. I wish I have the skills to do this kind of stuff. Just pretty amazing guys!

  3. I love the second one but the third picture is for relaxing or having some guest. I want plants that I can eat and fruit trees. I keep coming to your blog for inspirations!


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