Before & After: A Remarkable Transformation for this Suburban Backyard

December 30, 2013


I dream of the day that my husband and I own a house in the woods, but that’s pretty far off…so for now I’ll just swoon over all the gorgeous photos I see online. I found this incredible makeover over at Aquascape Your Landscape which is maintained by their marketing communications manager, Jennifer. For this particular project, she mentions that the homeowners of this quiet suburban home spent years touring ponds while planning their very own backyard oasis. Judging by the photo below, their patience certainly paid off!

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As you can see, this was a huge project! The homeowners wanted a space where their guests could spend hours exploring and discovering new things, and I’m pretty sure that they batted that one out of the park. A beautiful pond fills the area just beside a patio for friends to gather around a fire, and the variety of plants and stones goes on and on. Here’s another photo to give you a better idea of what the area looks like from another angle:

Stone StairsSuch a serene and inviting backyard- I don’t know that I’d ever leave on vacation if I lived there myself! I especially love how seamless it all feels- the rocks and plants blend together so perfectly. It’s a pretty awesome makeover, don’t you think? Yeah….me too. -erin

Images from: Aquascape Your Landscape.


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  1. This is a beautiful pond and waterfall. They did a wonderful job on plant selection…it looks very natural. I want this in my backyard 🙂

    We know how much work it takes to maintain water features like this, and they are doing a great job.

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