A Tired Backyard is Brought Back to Life with an English Style Garden


Today we’re visiting a backyard transformation by a Jerry Galanti, who you may remember from last summer. We published two of his garden makeover projects, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to bring you another!- this time, it is a campground-inspired English-style garden.

As you can see, this yard started off as a long and narrow stretch of patchy grass, a perfect foundation for bigger and much better ideas.

The homeowners wanted an English garden as well as an area where they could grow their own vegetables and entertain friends and family. They’re also avid campers, so something to help simulate the camping experience was on the list as well.

The English garden will be on this side of the arch and the vegetable garden will take shape in the area on the far side of the arch.

The grass was ripped out, and the separation began. Each main space would highlight a different idea, but first, there was a lot of work to be done! You can see the vision already coming together in this photo, which was taken during the grass removal process.

jerry galanti, backyard, makeover, before & after, yard, arch, path

A new covered patio helps to frame the view and provides a reprieve from the mid-day sun. (I particularly love the bold use of color on the structure – an earthy red does remind me of national park campgrounds).

A path leads the way through the English style garden and into the couple’s new backyard.

Just past the archway is a gravel-based vegetable garden, along with an area for the kids to play and a fire pit to help with the backyard camping experience. I love the way this transformation turned out, and I especially like the zones that the yard was sectioned into. If you want to see more of Jerry’s work, you can check out his website. Thanks so much for sharing, Jerry! -erin

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Images by: Jerry Galanti

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  1. Superb, I love your before and after format. I found some great ideas to try in my own garden.

  2. Pam/Digging says:

    Wow, that’s stunning. What a wonderful division of space and creation of rooms you want to live in and explore.

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