Before & After: Michael Muro’s West Coast Real Estate Staging

You may remember the amazing Before & After from Michael Muro that I posted a few months ago, and I’m excited to share another transformation he completed.

For those of you who might have missed it, Michael Muro works out of Seattle, Washington, and does a lot of really great transformations- big and small.

before ad garden makeover.  A messy backyard.
This messy and tired garden needs a refresh to make it more appealing to potential homebuyers.

This particular makeover appears to have taken place in the homeowner’s backyard – in preparation for listing the house for sale. When you are prepping a home for sale, you don’t want to spend too much money. This isn’t a time for major investments and upgrades.

This makeover stuck to the low-budget simple mantra that Real Estate Staging projects need.

michael muro, backyard, transformation
The After the Garden was made into something inviting, clean, and fresh. (with mostly elbow grease and some new plants)

As you can see, a lot of the elements were kept in place but just cleaned up a bit. It’s pretty cool what you can do with a tired space, isn’t it? The pavers look great, and the little plants dotted throughout add the perfect amount of color and variety.

Even the existing pots are refreshed by spacing them around (and placing them in beds to help fill up planting space) but also to heighten the amount of patio area.

Another big upgrade – a good patio wash down. I’d have loved to see the power wash video for that (I know I’m not the only one who finds cleaning reels and tik-tok endlessly satisfying.

I love how much impact such a small yard can have! If you want to see more of Michael’s designs, you can visit his website and poke around. -erin

If you have a great transformation that you’d like to share, send us an email and a few photos!

Images by: Michael Muro

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