Exterior Makeover: Priscilla & Ivan’s Artamus Hall House Goes From 80’s to Tudor

This before and after exterior makeover definitely makes it into the PITH + VIGOR Before & After Hall of Fame (that doesn’t currently exist — but when it does…😉)

The house is pretty standard suburban uninspired architecture. It is surrounded by a boring lawn and, for some reason, has a giant potted palm in the front yard. There are clearly issues – the trap of the roof being a big clue – but in general, I think that many of us could imagine this house in many nearby neighborhoods that were built in the 80s (or is it the 70s?). It makes me wonder if there were any good suburban houses that have stood the test of time. It seems to me like all 70s and 80s house exteriors need a makeover.

Here is the house before the exterior makeover:

Artamus Hall Hether- Before the exterior house makeover
The before – a boring lawn surrounds a blocky white 80’s style suburban box of a house.

Oh, this is so exciting…

I wish every homeowner had this level of vision, a sense of personal taste, and sheer guts.

Of course, it helps that Priscilla Glover and Ivan Spaller (of Spallerglover) are design and build experts. (You should take a peek at their eurpean inspired craftmanship and design style that largely is built in Austin Texas). It is a lot of modernized bouldin castles, chateaux, and houses with more character than you can shake a stick at.

I suspect this home makeover was inspired by Little Moreton Hall in England – which is medieval in design despite being constructed from 1504-1508, amidst the English Rennaissance. Not too dissimilar to the 80’s house being converted to a Modern Tudor home.

So, are you ready for it…?

Artamus Hall Hether After - a tudor home
An 80s house becomes a smart tudor masterpiece in Texas.

This is a total WOW right!?!  I was utterly speechless myself when I saw it.  Apparently, they ‘lifted’ the facade by 5 feet (I have no idea what that might have entailed), but it worked. WOW!

Artamus Hall Hether tudor house details after a home makeover
Tudor details on a modern home create interest and character.

As for the garden – the images don’t focus on much except that the very suburban lawn is gone (it wouldn’t be fitting anyway) and is replaced with a much more regionally appropriate gravel yard with a stone path. The Palms and trees are doing a great job of framing the striking architecture with texture and lush greeness.

Found via desire to inspire.

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  1. Oh wow – I agree! That’s definitely some makeover! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. Matthew says:

    I literally dropped my jaw when I saw the before and after on this one!

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