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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.



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Have you thought about using mirrors in your garden?  This unexpected piece of home décor lends itself so well to an outdoor environment. In the home we use them functionally (like for checking your hair on the way out the door) as well as to enliven our spaces by reflecting light or creatively modifying the […]

As the winter darkness continues to creep in and the days get painfully short here in Boston, I crave the light of southern climates.  Sarah Sherman Samuel’s new garden in Palm springs is just where I’d like to be.  This makeover transforms a manky and dark a-frame home in the desert of Palm Springs, CA […]

Charming, simple, and smelling perfectly delicious – I thought you might love this idea as much as I do. The DIY tutorial for this mini rosemary wreath garland includes a whole bunch of little embroidery hoops. I have no intention of buying them – I think it will work just as well with some stiff […]

To make a winter garden of interest, I look for themes to let my planting design start to tell a story. First came the planter found in the clearance section of Anthropologie.  It’s markings seemed tribal and recalled mud cloth patterns and fabrics, traditional in Mali, but often used in high fashion and homewares.  Mudcloth, […]

Gift guides are on my mind.  I don’t tend to be in the spirit to make them (too annoyingly about buying stuff that I feel too ‘minimalist’ to get enthusiastic about).  But I’ve been thinking that maybe I can make them a little more interesting and creative and then they will feel more festive.  Do […]

Before moving to New England, my apple repertoire was limited. Growing up in Colorado, I can be excused for not knowing that there was more than Red Delicious – which I never liked.  But New Englanders (and I suspect those who live in other apple growing regions as well), all know their distinctive favorites and […]

Ken Marten is a Londoner who has been working in diverse creative pursuits since he was a child in the industrial town of Port Talbot, Wales. In 2012, after a decade of working in high fashion floristry for clients such as Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, and the Connaught Hotel, Ken created Hermetica where he now focuses […]

I’m always looking for new photography inspiration for plants and flowers. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find the ubiquitous and standard macro shots of garden blooms get a little boring. I love the flowers and I love to see them in all their glorious beauty, but I also love when the photographer […]

La Formentera is the woodland refuge of interior designer Juan Montoya. Located about an hour north of New York City in the Hudson River valley, it is named for the similarly rocky Spanish Island. Montoya tells the story of how he discovered the place and decided to make it into his creative retreat in this […]

Have you heard the term Genus Loci?  If you aren’t a landscape design professional, I’d guess the answer is most certainly, no.  But even if you are – it still seems very possible that this term might not be familiar.  And why do I think you should care – no matter who you are? In […]

Have you noticed that lawns are becoming increasingly controversial subjects? For generations, they have been the prize of middle class success. They are an outward expression of saying “hey – I made it – I bought a house in the suburbs”. The vast areas of turf that surround these houses are like shiny green moats […]

As the gardening season ends I am looking around for off-season projects to keep my fingers busy and my creative mind whirring. I am considering a daily, or more realistically, a weekly personal challenge for the next three months. I have a few ideas – all are around art making – and I may decide […]

Late-October – It has been a wet year so the garden is hanging on in ways that it probably wouldn’t in other drier years. There hasn’t (yet) been a freeze either, but I expect it any day. In fact it has been unseasonably warm and we have been robbed of those crisp refreshing days of […]

As I look around there is an ever increasing wealth of information on how to be more carbon neutral, sustainable and generally more responsible to the earth. There is a lot to sort through and not every idea is universally applicable. Thinking about sites that have specific uses and unique challenges I thought I would […]

  ‘Pretty’ is the enemy of ‘Beautiful’ -Nonna Giuliana There is a word that I loathe more than all others, and it’s ‘nice’. To be honest, I hate it. And I hate it more when somebody says it about to something I have designed. In my mind, of the million or so English words in […]

Do you feel like your phone is robbing you of something? I do. I feel like it is happening in a million little ways. Lately, I feel like the phone adds as much stress and anxiety as it once relieved. About a year ago, I uninstalled the facebook messenger app from my phone. It don’t […]

What are you doing this weekend? — Me, planting bulbs. Tis the season, and this year I am planting some new and exciting bulbs.  My garden has many (MANY!) bulbs — the vast majority are remnants of commercial plantings gone-by. We would put them in and then take them right back out three weeks later. […]

If you suffer from allergies you likely have a particular allergy season. For many it is certain times in the spring when pollen counts spike for any particular plant. For others (like me) it is fall and winter with mold and the pollutants of recycled interior air. Whatever it is, the more you can hone in […]

I have seen many gardens in my travels but only a few really stick in my mind. Sometimes it’s the planting or the weather or some aspect of the design that makes a place memorable. But sometimes it is something else entirely. I happened upon the intersection of Carrer de l’Aurora and Carrer de la […]

Have you ever tried to trim a topiary?  If you are following existing lines, it ususally isn’t too trickly but if you are aiming to turn a cone into a spiral, it can quickly go off the rails.  Topiary trimming is tricky and an overly zealous Edward Scissorhands inspired gardener can easily trim too much […]

I’ve been spending a lot of time behinds the scenes updating old posts and cleaning things out as much as possible.  My digital self footprint is in much the same place as my physical self – a mess.  After 12 years in my current home and 10 years online, there is a lot of pitching […]