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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.






Perfect Bulb & Tuber Storage

Last fall I saved a bunch of beautiful red geraniums thinking I would replant them this spring (they still sit in a garbage bag outside my barn, waiting to be dumped in the compost pile).  The year before that, I failed to dig up the cannas in my pots.  And before that, dahlias, left in the ground.   I am a total failure when it comes to late season lifting and storage of plants that won’t over winter.

mauricio arrundo crate storage for bulbs and tubers

I always have high hopes, but between being only marginally organized and lacking a desire to further encourage the mice that live in my basement (oh, and add the fact that I have two kids, an old house, a business, a farmers market, and I write a whole lot)  every year I end up essentially throwing money away on plants that I could have saved for another year. I just don’t get to it.

mauricio arruda storage bins

So when I saw this perfect piece of furniture (which I think is meant to be some sort of high brow design-y piece and not actual bulb and tuber storage) I thought if I could fashion a similar piece, I might just be inspired enough to  manage being organized enough to fill it every fall with stuff that I can save. Adding it to the project list…..

Designed by Mauricio Arruda

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  1. dave bockman says:

    Wow, that *is* perfect, and you could add layers of straw or sawdust in the larger bins… very nice, stealing it!

  2. p bargar says:

    Where I live in Ohio, this is EXACTLY what the village hardware store uses for selling onion bulbs and sets. Same crates, same slides, only everything is housed in a sheet-metal tooled box on 4 casters. No bamboo here (or mfb covered in a bamboo veneer). As husband says – “not out here in the bush”. As if.
    : )

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