Before & After: Abby and Adam’s Backyard Gravel Patio Bliss

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Whenever Abby or Adam looked into their backyard, they were greeted by a hideous rotted wood fence that was far from any sort of privacy shield.

Being new homeowners, they were big on ambition and change and also slightly motivated by their neighbor’s two-tone, half-painted house. To their neighbor’s defense, I, too, am sporting a two-tone house, and I am less than proud of going through another winter this way…..but you know how things go. Ahem, at any rate, the two of them got to work, and soon they were well on their way to the backyard they had envisioned.

A backyard gravel patio is a great way to start a project – if you want to upgrade it later to something more permanent and easier to maintain, you can always use it as a base layer for stone installation or an underlay for a deck.

privacy fence, adirondack, firepit, makeover, backyard

After installing a new fence and hauling 7 yards of crushed rock, their backyard began to resemble a space that was a little more welcoming.

They built a new fire pit and added a few places to relax, which can be seen from other angles of the yard over on their blog. They planted some flowers and helped their grass along, and soon enough, they had a yard they could be proud of. Nice job, Abby and Adam! I’m always a fan of backyard makeovers that are done on a budget. -erin

If you have a great makeover you’d like to share with the P+V community, send us an email with a few photos!

Images from Our House and Everything Else.

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  1. Tracy says:

    I must have missed the “makeover” part. A couple of plastic flamingos, 2 chairs and some gravel? Really?

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