Before & After: Chris and Carrie’s Sideyard Retreat

overgrown backyard and sideyard before a makeover before
This sideyard is most definitely not a retreat – it is overgrown and not providing any useful space.

This week, I’ve got another simple backyard makeover for you to pull ideas from. If there’s anything I’ve learned about myself since buying a house, it’s that big projects usually don’t ever get finished. I either get bored of them, or they end up taking way more time than I can commit.

So, I’ve kind of started to enjoy these smaller outdoor projects; they always seem to be much more fun and attainable! Easy enough for a weekend, and you don’t have to spend a lot of cash.

cleaned up side yard with hedge after a garden makeover
The leveled-out sideyard is now a comfortable patio retreat. The red umbrella and chair cushions complement the red foundation of the house.

Last summer, Carrie and Chris from Hazardous Design spent some time ripping out the jungle that was growing on the side of their house, and it ended up being the perfect spot to hang out with their friends. The row of arbor vitae looks so much neater, and, as Carrie says on her blog, this spot will look even better once ground cover fills the channels between the stones. The umbrella was a good call; this area gets a lot of sunlight!

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the new digs, and if you’ve got a minute, you should check out the rest of their yard. –erin

If you have a great garden-related makeover project that you would like to share with PITH + VIGOR readers, please send us pictures and tell us about it.

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Images from Hazardous Design.

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  1. commonweeder says:

    It is true at my house that big jobs don’t always get finished so I have tried to prepare my staff (i.e. husband) for a set task for a weekend. Easier on family relationships.

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