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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.



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There are plenty of posts here about treehouses, but I recently realized that have I neglected to share much about our own treehouse project. Maybe because it isn’t finished. There are two types of treehouses. The type built on HGTV by that treehouse guy. The type built by you, or me, and our kids, or […]

We have promised some friends a wooded corner of our property to use in tree-house experiments.   We already have a tree-house in progress of our own and the thought of potentially having another one fills my head with thoughts of how much fun we can have up in the trees (I want to connect […]

Envy is almost getting the best of me.  One of my favorite regular bloggers has recently gone on an adventure that I long to embark upon (again) myself.  In February, Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom moved her family to France for a year.  In addition to her regular posts, she is also now sharing the […]

Since I discovered this Brandon Rud garden online last week, I have been tempted so many times to share it with you — not as a Thursday special Before and After, but just because I can’t stand it any longer.  It has taken willpower to try and stick with my vague semblance of an editorial […]

Which should be the before and which should the the after? I decided, finally, to go with the more encouraging version. While it is snowy and beautiful now, it will turn green and just as beautiful again soon. Tree house belongs to, and was photographed by stocksundgarden.

I found it!! ….This is the inspiration shot that is helping me get my head around the upgrades we plan to make to our tree house this year.   Until I saw this, I didn’t realize how much ‘foundation’ plantings could add to a tree house — a place with no true foundation.  Also, in the […]

I have to share this treehouse with you….before it is gone.  Yes, the owner is sadly being forced to tear it down. Sprout mentioned this local story to me in a comment and I have to say I am outraged and sad.  It seems this awesome tree house, which was built over the last 2 […]

The snow is falling outside for the first time this year and already I am longing for the days of summer (the days that I feel I was cheated of a bit this year).  We built a tree platform a couple years ago that is is lovely, but we are always looking to improve it.  […]

This weekend was the final act of a project that has been on my mind in my que for over a year and half. It all started with a visit from my parents when my dad made the first steps toward our eventual tree house. (oh — when I say final act…I mean final act […]