Color Wheels

December 8, 2008

I am on this stream of consciousness thing this morning…creative optimism leads to optimistic color leads to color charts….

Anyway, a couple of color related things for you.

Kinsman has this fun Gardeners color Wheel.  So interesting….

Kinsman Gardeners color wheel

When I am thinking about colors, I tend to use a book that I bought while in design school called Garden Color Palette by Paul Williams.  I love it for ideas…because about 90% of the plants in it aren’t available to me.  I can’t find it anywhere but on…and it is currently unavailable.  I think that Garden Color Book might be an updated American version.  Maybe the plants are a bit more accessible…either way, it’s flip chart, mix and match pages and unique styling are so inspiring you can easily justify the purchase.

The Garden Color Book and Garden Colour Palette by Paul Williams

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  1. Kari Lonning says:

    I just discovered your blog! I loved the swimming pool idea, then I scrolled down and found Sydney’s Color wheel! Do you know about her book on color in the garden — The Gardener’s Palette, Creating Color in the Garden (ISBN 0-8092-9893-7) 2002. It is so beautifully written that you can actually visualize the colors – which, as a winter read for those of us in the Northeast, is a lovely thing.

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