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Daily Garden: Tage’s Gunillaberg

Let me introduce you to Tage Andersen — my new design crush.  Tage is the somewhat recent (2009) owner of the historic Swedish Estate Gunillaberg in Småland Sweden.

The manor building was built somewhere during the second half of the 17th century by Johan Prinz who is best known for his time as governor of the Swedish colony New Sweden, Delaware, USA during 1642-1653.

The landscape around Gunilla Berg is dramatic. The mansion is located along a ravine with steep stairway down to the bottom where there is a glass building.   It is surrounded by pastoral landscapes that are home to Tage’s black small mountain pigs, goats, sheep, and beautiful birds in aviaries.

Tage is a renowned floral artist in Copenhagen, where his business is located, but his artistry evident in his landscapes and other art.  His floral work is breathtaking and I am finding so much inspiration in the beautiful simplicity of some of his work and the unabashed voluptuousness of other pieces.

I couldn’t help myself to limit the pictures….They are all so beautiful I simply couldn’t resist.   Some of the images in the gallery are of Tage’s work away from Gunillaberg but most are of this amazing garden and property.  Enjoy.

The images were sourced from Tage’s website and the rest are credited to Stuart Mcintyre.  If you speak Swedish you can learn more about this property and garden by watching this video (and if you do, please let us all know in the comments if there is something interesting to learn – like open days – that we all might want to know)

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  1. josh says:

    Simply stunning!

  2. Greta says:

    Wow! I want those stairs. Any idea how they did that giant tree in front?

    PS – I love your site and have been lurking for about a year. I have it bookmarked. Love it and it’s just so beautiful and inspirational.


    • rochelle says:

      Greta – welcome ! I wanted to know more about that tree too, but with no luck finding information all I can say is that is was definitely moved from another castle place (see one of the other pictures) I can’t even tell for sure though if it is alive because it ‘s base in the tiniest box with wheels. There really must be a great great story behind that one….I just wish I knew it….

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