Studio ‘g’ ‘s Boston Latin Green Roof School

September 21, 2010

I can’t help myself…I share no relation to Studio ‘g’ architects, except for a name; they are regular architects, this is a landscape and garden design blog, but because they recently completed the first phase of a revolutionary green roof right here in my own Boston back yard,  and because it is a remarkable project and garden at a school, I feel more than compelled to share it with you – in fact I feel a little like the cosmic- universe-y whatevers are telling me straight out to help spread the word about this remarkable project.

Boston Latin School proposed roof garden learning lab designed by studio 'g' architects

The Boston Latin School outdoor learning lab will have a green house to grow food for the cafeteria, a learning lab where a variety of living laboratory classes are being offered, wind turbines, solar panels, an outdoor elevator, an orchard and a contemplative garden.   The students are in the process of raising the money (6.2 million USD)  to continue to implement future stages of the project.  If you are interested in seeing what Studio ‘g’ has imagined for them — as well as a fun picture of what Boston might look like if all the other surrounding buildings were converted to green roofs, check out this post over at inhabitat.

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  1. layanee says:

    I saw a TV special on this school. Must check it our. It is a wonderful project.. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. ernesto valdez peña says:

    Tenemos en proyecto la construccion o adaptacion de una area para una casa-club para catedraticos jubilados universitarios.
    Dentro de los planes, está la de ser autosuficiente en la generación de recursos para una alimentación sana y la de ahorrar energía en todos sus aspectos.
    Es muy importante lo de áreas verdes en patios y azoteas, asi como jardines, invernaderos y otros aspectos para mejorar el medio ambiente. Envíenme comentarios y sugerencias para llevar a efecto este proyecto.

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