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New Garden Pubs

I am super inspired by the plethora of new publications in the garden and design world.  But I am also left wondering what is driving this new crop?

I know for myself, that my partner and I set out to create Leaf Magazine because we were dissatisfied by the offerings available.  Couple that with the relative in-expense of online publishing as opposed to print, and we went for it.   But  with the introduction of two other publications (that are on paper!), that seem like they are also going to be  pretty great,  I wonder, where are the hearts and minds of all the potential readers of garden and garden design related magazines?

wilder quarterly covers

Take Wilder Quarterly — I have to admit, I have not held this publication in my hands and read it front to back (though I plan to) — but from the samples I have seen it is beautifully prepared and some pretty fantastic writers are contributing.  This magazine strikes me as slightly  more literary than your average magazine with a distinct earthy hipster vibe that really draws me in.  There are two issues out and you can purchase them through their website.  (and they have offered Studio ‘g’ readers a special discount — see the bottom of the post for details!)

taproot magazine

Taproot Magazine is put together by many New England based neighbors and it also looks gorgeous and seems to present a similar back to the earth vibe.  But from the looks of it, I think it goes a little more crafty, foody, and homestead-ish; encouraging a local story.

Both of these, as well as my own (Leaf Magazine) are filling niches in the garden writing world in a modern way that is not seen amongst traditional magazines.

In this time of rapid change, it has me wondering about the enthusiasm for print done in a way that feels more connected  and online magazines that bring glossy mag slickness with out the actual glossy mag (and all the paper, processing, expense, mailing etc. that goes with it).  It seems (to me) that there is a strong desire for print that has more soul and glossies that are done differently.  Do you agree?

I am curious what you desire in a garden related magazine.  What do you read?  What is your favorite?  Is there any technology that you wish that magazines could deliver?  And how about the format?  Do you prefer something more literal, more local, more lifestyle, pure garden, something else, or all of the above?  

(I personally think I fall into the all of the above category and look forward to the future of all of these (and more) offerings). 

images from Wilder Quarterly and boho girl


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  1. alison says:

    Rochelle-I wasn’t familiar with either of these mags, so thanks for the intro. Look forward to checking them out. Great seeing you-Phew…was it really only last night?

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