A New Recycling Center

November 15, 2013

I sometimes feel I live a secret life.  My house generally looks clean and orderly, but don’t go opening any doors or you’re likely to have something fall on your head.   My hidden spaces are so messy because I NEED to FEEL clutter free (even if I am not).  Playing the “out of sight out of mind” game helps me function creatively (but I realize that hiding is not the answer) and so I have teamed up with the folks at Rubbermaid and to implement a new recycling system that will (at least) keep sticky dirty recyclables from falling on us.

cleaning out the cabinets under the sink

I know this hiding system (if you can call it that – I am a systematic stasher) isn’t a good thing.  It’s like living a little white lie – bad, but not sooo bad.  So, I tackle one area at a time, clean and organize it, and just keep cycling around.  But the one place I have dreaded the most is under the kitchen sink.  The place is a mash up of pipes (that sometimes drip), recycling that overflows nearly every day (and quite frankly doesn’t work for our lives), and cleaning chemicals that threaten to mix themselves into some sort of atomic bomb. It is scary and we need a change.



My first thoughts was what is this area is really need for? (Answer: Recycling and little else besides storage of dish soap, minor cleaning supplies, and a box of garbage bags)

Everything else can go to the bin, the garage, or to the basement storage where I can find it once a year when I really need it (I’m looking at you silver polish and friends).  To create my upgraded under sink recycling center I’m adding two Rubbermaid under counter door bins (because, yes, we tend to have that many bottles – it’s a lifestyle thing) that are easily ordered online.

The bags are washable and while one is being cleaned of juice, milk, wine, cat food gravy and beer dribbles, the other can remain in place.  Someday, if I miraculously get ahead of the chores and actually have two in place, well, no harm.   But can I take a moment to point out that burlap sack look of these?  Isn’t it so much better than a sure-to-clash color, one of the strange paper towel patterns that we are supposed to this is pretty or something industrial that doesn’t quite feel like it belongs in my home.  I love the burlap, good thinking on the styling!



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